Art Conjures In Del Pozo

Josep Font, Creative Director of the prêt-à-couture house, infuses artistry into his designs

in the same manner that a painter expresses an artistic vision with the stroke of the


The DELPOZO Fall Winter 2015 collection blends the colorful palette of Australian

artist Rhys Lee with Russian painter Andrey Remnev modern interpretation of the

Pre-Raphaelite spirit. This season’s silhouette are straight and structured, with an emphasis on vertical volume

highlighted by the column shape. The natural shoulder is concealed through the use

of firm shoulder pads and light, rounded balloon sleeves. These add a visual lightness

and a modern geometry. Contained volume and DEL POZO’s hallmark architectural

tailoring appear in structured peplums and in the grid-like arrangement of panels and

fabrics, which allow for a sense of organic movement within the garments.

Rich fabrics such as wool voile, crepe, felt, mouflon and velvet are at the forefront this

fall. Velvet in particular plays a key role in the collection, appearing in three different

iterations: technical velvet, comfortable and flexible, is integrated into day wear;

traditional velvet reads as sumptuous and substantial; and devoré velvet, made from a silk

base, is incorporated into evening wear. Handcrafted fabric flowers, artfully shaped petal

by petal by the DELPOZO atelier, blossom across blouses and dresses. Elsewhere, the

embroider y adds brightness to the collection with metallic appliqués on bases of black

and beige, creating intricate geometric patterns. Knitwear blends mohair, merino wool,

and alpaca with silk. Embroidered crochet frills run along ample knitted dresses while

other pieces feature colorful leather patchwork designs.

The season’s color palette takes inspiration from the gestural brushstrokes of Rhys Lee:

Yves Klein blue mixes with blush, and green, red, black and chocolate brown appear

alongside nude. Color and texture continue to play a signature role for DELPOZO…

Del Pozo F/W 2015