A Foodie and Cinema Haven in Puerto Rico

Some of the most amazing things to do in Puerto Rico happen in Old San Juan. Ever since I can remember, the majestic 15 century walled city has offered its old Spanish ambiance and architecture and this unique setting serves as a frame to some  impressive  experiences in nightlife, shopping, theater, lodging and gastronomy.  Now, what would you say if you could visit this  historical setting, have dinner and catch a four star critically acclaimed international film? Yes, the foodie and film buff have a haven in Puerto Rico. Not far from the San Felipe del Morro fortress you will find Cinema Bar 1950. 

By Pedro Lazaro

Recently Cinema Bar 1950 officially inaugurated its two theaters. The special event celebrated at the historic Cuartel de Ballajá in Old San Juan had guest enjoying cocktails and an assortment of dishes with a Creole and Jibaro (authentic Puerto Rican cuisine) flavor, which included its Rice Capo, a delicious side dish which is almost a meal by itself with chicken, steak, pork, and sausage among other delicacies giving the event a delicious start. Later on visitors were escorted to one of the cinemas, where Ms. Viviana Busquets, coordinator of the event, thanked everyone for being part of this important affair and introduced Mr. Tito Enriquez, restaurant owner, who welcomed and shared valuable information about the space and its history.

Elegant chandeliers, large armchairs and tables stand in each room. Cinema Bar 1950 has the capacity to seat 68 foodie and cinema lovers. Properly equipped with Digital HD, surround audio, microphone, and lighting assures its guest an unforgettable cinema and dining experience.

The critically acclaimed film Ida was presented. The Polish drama was directed by Pawel Pawlikowski. It premiered in 2013 at the Gdynia Film Festival. Winner of several Polish and European film awards, including best film by the Polish Academy of Film and Best Film by the European Film Academy. Ida was then nominated for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Cinematography at the 87th edition of the Academy Awards, winning the award for best film.

In the past the locale was used as a space for the local performing arts and artist. Now they have reinvented the site into CinemaBar1950, your to do list just got more exciting.

Tickets can be purchased through Facebook, the website ( http://www.cinemabar1950.com ) or at Cinema Bar for  a cost of $6 dollars .


PR Viviana Busquests and CinemaBar1950 owner Tito Enriquez.
CinemaBar 1950 in Old San Juan, San Juan, PR creates a haven for the foodie and film lover.
Distinguished guest enjoy an array of canapes, local dishes, champagne and wine during the CinemaBar1950 inauguration in San Juan, Puerto Rico
A unique cinema space ready to offer an unforgettable foodie and cinema experience.