Aurore’s Wake Up Call

Aurore’s Wake Up Call to humanism, solidarity and secularism was achieved with a series of spreads using fashion names and logos creating the disparity of what a day to day life represents on the streets of France or anywhere else in the world.  

Produced by social welfare organisation Aurore, the promotion turns the logos of three famous French designers (Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior) into puns to bring attention to the harsh conditions homeless people experience. The posters feature “Jean-Paul Galère” (precarious); “Yves Sans Logement” (homeless); and “Christian Dehors” (outdoor). 

Aurore association aims to professionally reintegrate people suffering exclusion in society.

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From its foundation of  Societé General for the Patronage of those Freed in 1871, to the association of Aurore 2011, 140 years have passed since the setting  of a project to help those released from custody until it was approved association of public interest , hosts and supports over 15,000 people a year.

What does Aurore offer?


Aurore offers a set of emergency response and adapted accommodation (marauding, reception and accommodation).


Aurore offers care and accommodation for people suffering mental or accumulating chronic illness and social difficulties.


Aurore lead to and within institutions offering professional activities (catering and rental room facilities) and a medico-social support for mentally handicapped adults, as well as support for professional integration of people (young and adults) who have been far from work for a long period of time.


Aude Jacquot, Communication Manager +33
Joëlle Fouyet, Project Manager Europe +33