Un Viaje Por El Anime Japones

Los últimos veinticinco años de historia del manga, el anime (animación japonesa) y los videojuegos son el eje de la primera gran exposición conjunta de estos géneros propios del “cool Japan”, que abre hoy sus puertas al público en Tokio.

Bajo el título “Manga×Anime×Games from Japan”, la exposición podrá visitarse hasta el 31 de agosto en el museo National Art Center de Tokio, dedicado principalmente al arte contemporáneo.

Illustrated by Mari Araki

Transcending the boundaries of each individual medium to realize unparalleled artistic expressions, Japanese manga, anime, and games are reflective of social change and technological development. They also present us with an expanded version of reality and a window on the future. Moreover, the characters that appear in these works have the ability to move beyond their fictional realms and become an actual presence in our daily lives.

Contemporary Heroes and Heroines places the spotlight on iconic characters of the last 25 years, and their embodiment of ideals such as friendship, justice, and the spirit of adventure.

In this Symposium, we will invite both Japanese and foreign specialists from a variety of fileds to engage in a lively discussion. Topics will include the reception of Japanese manga, anime, and games in foreign countries the situation surrounding museums in each region, and the manner in which Japanese culture is transmitted from both a domestic and international perspective.