Ricky Martin opens the door to his 13 million dollar Beverly Hills home

Accompanied by his two sons and artist Jwan Yosef, the singer and actor Ricky Martin took Architectural Digest on a tour through this sleek yet comfortable estate in Los Angeles. 


Martin spoke about his new property to several publications, including People Magazine: “We were considering living in London or New York City, but then we decided to rent in Los Angeles for a month, to get a feel for the vibe,” Yosef, a Syrian-born Swedish artist tells Architectural Digest in the February cover story. “L.A. totally caught us off guard—we loved it. By the end of the month, we knew we wanted to be here,”


Ironically after three day of house hunting the couple settled for the first house they went to see, a 3,000-square-foot modernist build from 1953.


Martin purchased the place for $13.5 million in November 2016, according to archdigest.com.



Designer and Oprah protege Nate Berkus, was called upon to give the home an updated-yet-respectful refresh. In fact, they asked for just the essentials since they would need to move in just two months after closing.


The home is a well lit, spacious enclave, with a modern, yet practical decor that posses a zen and minimalist allure.