In Milan, office space becomes part of a chic and historical masterpiece

Used for exhibitions until a few years ago, this magnificent space is stage for   architectural firm CLS architects and its owner Massimiliano Locatelli.


The CLS architects have transformed the space without touching the walls, nor the original structure,  a four story studio  rises up  in the center of the room, making this a spectacular place to work and host all the collaborators of the design firm.


Probably around  the sixteenth century, work began on the original interior decorations. The  frescoes  depicting the four stories of the life of St. Paul painted by the presbytery, entrusted to the Cremonese Giulio, Antonio and Vincenzo Campi took shape.


This amazing area which once housed two chapels in Corso Italia, exactly in Piazza Sant’Eufemia, and one more ancient, Sant’Eufemia founded around 472, but remodeled in the nineteenth century, and the other more “recent”, San Paolo Converso of 1500 are now a extraordinary  locale where art, history, interior design and architecture have spawn an eclectic and very chic office space.


The interior has a single nave covered with a barrel vault and flanked by side chapels, separated in half from the partition wall for the two sectors of the church are completely frescoed.

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On the ceiling, by Giulio Campi, the Assumption of Mary in Heaven is depicted in a false architecture in perspective that recalls the matronade of the church of San Maurizio.

Inside the church are enclosed several paintings of fine workmanship, such as those of depicting the Conversion, the Baptism, the Miracle and the Martyrdom of St. Paul the Apostle. Another work of considerable interest is a very large canvas from Cerano depicting the Baptism of St. Augustine.

Almost all the frescoes have serious conservation problems, also because they are disfigured by saltpetre.

However the work in here never ends, and with the help of conservationist the rescue of these frescoe is on.