The day Spain’s fashion designers took over their Paris embassy

Made in Spain

Next month is the fourth anniversary of Made in Spain which took place in Paris. This  event helped turn around the future of many fashion designers and an industry, caught in the middle of one of the biggest economic crisis to ever hit this country in the Iberian Peninsula.

Instead of celebrating another stale and uneventful fashion week, designers gathered and took to the road with their collections.

It started with a group of 28 fashion designers, including Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Custo Barcelona, Devota & Lomba, Etxeberría, David Delfin and Andrés Sarda, among others who mounted this show in  their country’s embassy in Paris for one night in 2014, and this made all the difference.

Made in Spain
Made in Spain

Designer  Ruiz de la Prada, whose 33-year-old brand is sold in 120 countries remembers people asking her what is your business plan; her answer to this was: “Not to crumble,”

“But I’m a democratic designer,” she noted about her success. “I serve all age groups and I include everyone because among other things, I’m inexpensive.”

On the other hand Roberto Etxeberría divulged he would show his next spring collection on the official New York fashion calendar in September of 2015, at Lincoln Center, engaging “friends and fans instead of professional models.”

For many designers the doors started opening and there was no looking back.

Made in Spain
Made in Spain

After this important evening the Made in Spain exhibit started traveling to other countries like Portugal.

What is truly interesting is that potential clients discovered many brands and most importantly, they were buying.

This worked out  as a short and long run strategy.

The event was organized as a troupe show, and the cost were much lower than trying to participate in a local fashion week.

Most designers used this opportunity to extend their brands participation abroad, still showing once or twice a year in Spain.

Made in Spain
Made in Spain

This was also a way of pushing new and in the middle of price range fashion designers to do business outside of Madrid,  and eventually unveil these brands in places such as Asia, Latin America and Australia.

 La mode au-delà des frontières 

La exposición Made in Spain: La mode au-delà des frontières llego  a París con el propósito de mostrar lo mejor de la creación de moda española al público francés.

París, capital mundial de la moda, se conviertio en el enclave perfecto para exhibir una selección de las piezas más representativas de las colecciones otoño/invierno 2014 – 2015 de 28 diseñadores españoles, desde las firmas más consagradas a los jóvenes creadores que irrumpen con fuerza.

Artesanía, sastrería y patronaje muestran su faceta más exquisita en Made in Spain: La mode au-delà des frontières, poniendo en valor el saber hacer de la industria de la moda española.

La sede de la Embajada Española en París acogió esta exposición, un impresionante y exclusivo enclave en el que la moda se mezcló con retratos, grabados y tapices de Goya, pinturas de Madrazo, y destacadas piezas de artes decorativas del siglo XVI al XX.

Un interesante viaje visual que refleja la vitalidad de la creación de moda Made in Spain.


Adolfo Dominguez
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada
Amaya Arzuaga
Ana Locking
Andrés Sardá
Angel Schlesser
Custo Barcelona
Devota & Lomba
Hannibal Laguna
Helena Rohner
Ion Fiz
Jorge Vázquez
Juana Martín
Juanjo Oliva
Manolo Blahnik
Maya Hansen
Miguel Marinero
Miguel Palacio
Nicolas Vaudelet
Roberto Torretta
Roberto Verino
Teresa Helbig
Victorio & Lucchino