MICHELE MIGLIONICO presents “Madonne Lucane”, just in time for the MET GALA

Fashion designer Michele Miglionico was a guest at the XXIII edition of the Mazda Fashion Week Montenegro to promote the internalization of Italian fashion abroad and in particular in the Balkan countries.

Foto Michele Miglionico e le modelle.1

The city of Podgorica, capital of Montenegro, framed the presentation of the collection “Madonne Lucane”  during the XXIII edition of the Mazda Fashion Week Montenegro.


 Miglionico, who is a celebrated exponent of Italian high fashion, presented for the first time in the Balkan country his collection dedicated to the Italian traditions of Southern Italy in particular the heritage, cultural, artistic and anthropological of his region of origin, Basilicata.

Foto Michele Miglionico.1

This presentation of haute couture pieces is presented just in time as on the other side of the Atlantic the Costume Institute prepares to unveil its annual fashion exhibit titled Heavely Bodies.


“My choice of magical and extraordinary places continues both in Italy and in the world for the presentation of this collection that highlights a close connection between the world of fashion and Catholicism.


 “As I said, this is a very current theme that will be celebrated also by the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) in New York and Vogue America on May 7th with an exhibition entitled Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, “explains the designer Michele Miglionico,this occasion has a greater significance for me because I wanted to highlight that it is possible to tell the world of the religious also through the language of fashion.”


The show is an emotional journey, a tribute to Made in Italy staged in one of the oldest lands in the world of Orthodox culture such as Montenegro.


As for Basilicata this  is a region of forests and mountains in southern Italy.


It borders the Calabria and Puglia regions, as well as the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas.